Monday, August 12, 2013

The beginning...

I'm Forrest, a 26 year old newlywed trying to renovate a 100 year old house, be a good employee, feed my husband and enjoy my life. This blog is an attempt to record those things so that when there's paint in my hair, my shoulders are aching, it's Saturday night and we're staying in to paint and the risotto doesn't taste right I'll remember that we are making progress on our (soon to be) beautiful house, I do make good food most of the time and I don't always spend Saturday nights at home! Here it goes!

PS This blog is called Summer of the Butterflies because during the summer my darling husband and I started dating an unusual migration of butterflies settled in our home town and the streets were literally swarming with tiny white creatures all summer. The summer I fell in love with the boy who I'm spending my life with was the Summer of the Butterflies...

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  1. Aw, I love the tale behind the blog name! Very sweet. :) Looking forward to house updates!